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Why a Virtual Dojo?

Jul 21, 2020 • By Renshi Lisa

Why a Virtual Dojo?

Hi. I'm Renshi Lisa Magiera and I am here to introduce you to the Bushido Karate Virtual Dojo.

I live here in Casco, Maine with my amazing family, my husband, Sensei Eric and my two black belt kids Jordan and Nicholas.

During the pandemic we have had to close our gym and we have had to shut down not only our karate studio, that I am sitting in, but also our kids after-school programs.

And...it's a tragic hit for us. We are so sad to not be returning to the Lakes Region Elementary Schools this year. However, we have decided to embrace this time as a new avenue for martial arts, as a new avenue for fitness, and wellness in general, and as a new avenue for our business model.

So, our business is changing and we are dedicating ourselves to an online model.

Most of my karate friends...and I understand why...Most of my karate friends are seeking to get students back in their dojo, and that makes total sense. But this dojo is attached to my house and our karate school has always been successful because of the satellite model.

We've reached out into communities in the Lakes Region by going to the elementary schools. But now we have the opportunity to reach out into the nation, via the internet.

The story will continue to evolve. Won't you join us?


Bushido Karate Virtual Dojo

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