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Teaching Philosophy

Feb 9, 2021 • By Renshi Lisa

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching with Connection Respect and Discipline

​Teaching begins with connection, is bolstered by mutual respect and deepened by the discipline of practice. It is the clear communication of expectations, fair and open dialogue and a sincere, more positive than negative, style of feedback that have been cornerstones of our success at Bushido Karate Dojo.

The journey of Martial Arts is deep work. It affects every part of your life. The dojo is a place in which natural affinity for the work is a first step and perseverance over time is the key to success.

Talk Less. Do more. If you are coaching soccer, all that matters is feet on the ball. When teaching an instrument; make music. In karate, we learn the most by doing: punching, kicking, and blocking. Therefore talking needs to be on purpose and lead to action.

Below is an example of the methodology we adopted from our friends at radKIDS - Personal Empowerment and Safety Education, to create an interactive learning environment:

Renshi Lisa executes Mae Geri, or Front Kick, on the shore of Sebago Lake in Standish, Maine.
  • Demonstration - This is a Front Kick
  • Explanation - The kick has 4 steps: up, out, in and down.
  • Repetition - Let’s do 10 front kicks on the left side then on the right in the air.
  • Impact - Let’s do 10 kicks on each side, striking a kicking shield.
  • Dynamic Impact - With a partner, circle around and look for an opportunity to do a front kick to their solar plexus. When you see it, try it.

​Teaching hundreds of classes online during the pandemic has not been easy. Without being in the same space, apathy is easy to see but hard to interrupt. Corrections don't always work, technology doesn't help and higher level students in class require and deserve your attention.

​We have tactics that work to correct behaviors over time, with students who need to readjust their level of participation in class.

  • Honest critique of the behavior
  • Request for change
  • Hardline critique - face to face and one on one, out of the sight of everyone else.
  • Then the most important part; one-on-one encouragement and personal attention
  • Winning them over to a higher level of attention and work ethic - absolute victory!

​Fostering authentic expression requires a safe space to make mistakes. But imperfection is hard for people and a thoughtful critique can be received as a personal assault if the relationship is not founded in mutual respect and trust. Understanding personality profiles and learning styles allows me to use various tactics to bring out the best in every individual.

​I would love to hear from you! Send me an email at RenshiLisa@gmail.com

What is working in your educational world?

What is a struggle you are seeking to overcome?

​You are not alone! This is a crazy time.

There are days when I find it very hard to get to the dojo to teach.

I know there are people counting on me, and I go. I am always glad.

Isn't that the thing that get's me there? No matter how I am feeling before a class - I am always better after. Always.

Thousands of classes. Never a disappointment.

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