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You are Worth Protecting

"I believe that education is the best prevention. Learning to block, punch and kick will make you feel stronger and better prepared. However, adopting a mindset of high personal value and self-worth will carry you into YOUR BEST future." ~ Renshi Lisa Magiera


Self-Defense Workshop

This 3-hour interactive event will be filled with practice time! You will learn to recognize danger and how to react in an appropriate manner. Prevention is the first choice, but you will also learn physical defensive tactics to stay safe.

Snow Day
Class on Zoom
March 14

6:00-7:30 pm

Second Class at
Bridgton Town Hall Gym
March 21, 6-7:730

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Tucker's House in Bridgton, where women can find their true value and heal.

  • 10-Bed Women's Recovery Residence
  • Recovery Education
  • Relapse Prevention Program
  • Self-Help Mentoring

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This personal empowerment workshop made possible by:

BPD Patch

To Recognize, Avoid and Escape Danger

Create a Strategy

Having a plan in place BEFORE something goes wrong is the first step in personal safety.

Use Your Voice

Be ready to practice... Saying what you mean.
Meaning what you say. Saying it with authority. 

Choose Your Targets

You will learn how to match appropriate targets with your best defensive moves.

Feel Safer

Being with friends. Talking about real life experiences. Making plans for success.

Unlock Your Confidence

Feel your own power develop as you learn to punch, kick and block.

Worth Defending

Sometimes the hardest thing to learn is the YOU are worth defending. Let's work on that!

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