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Top 5 Success Tips

Let's get started the right way!

1. Define your goals:

  • Rate the importance of these three things
    • Getting Stronger
    • Feeling Safer
    • Making Smarter Decisions

2. Make Karate a HABIT not a choice

  • Regular Attendance Equals Success
    • Grab your calendar
    • Check out our schedule
    • Put at least 2 Classes on your calendar per week

3. Stay Focused During Karate Training

  • Hydrate before class
    • Don't take lots of breaks
  • Turn off your phone
  • Let your family, housemates know:
    • 'Please don't interrupt me when I am practicing

4. Arrive Early

5. Stay Late

  • Old school martial arts tradition:
    • Some of the best information is shared after class.

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