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Top 5 Success Tips

Let's get started the right way!

1. Arrive Early

  • It's always best to be able to settle in before class starts.
  • Great friendships are built in the dojo before and after class time

2. Make Karate a HABIT not a choice

  • Regular Attendance Equals Success
    • Grab your calendar
    • Check out our schedule
    • Put at least 2 classes on your calendar per week
  • Be consistent and clear your schedule on training days

3. Always Bring 100% of Whatever % You Have to Bring

  • Stay Focused During Karate Training
  • Hydrate before class
    • Don't take breaks
  • Turn off your phone

4. Stick with it for at least 3-months

  • Starting out is simple, but not easy
  • Give yourself a chance to succeed by persevering

5. Stay Late

  • Old school martial arts tradition...
    • Some of the best information is shared after class.

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