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10-Days In The Dojo

Are you looking for a shift in the way your life is moving right now? Regular Karate Practice is a great way to hit the reset button.






10-Days in the Dojo - FREE for September!

Get a glimpse into the benefits of regular Karate Practice. During this 10-Day Trial for $10, you will have full access to the Stronger, Safer, Smarter Live Class Schedule.


In Your Body

Karate is a full-body workout. Learning to block and kick and punch will improve your coordination, agility & speed. Our classes get YOU Up, Moving and Improving.


At Your Space

Self-Defense tactical training is at the center of martial arts. But it is the mindset of the individual that matters most. At BKD we believe that YOU are Worth Defending!


For Your Life

Taking time for yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity. The physical and mental challenge of karate is a great way to decrease stress and be a better YOU for your family.


With Your Friends

As our Karate Family grows around the country we are creating relationships with great people. Come to class to share in the work. Later we will travel to meet each other!


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Dawn Lane

So many benefits to this at-home practice:

Not traveling allows us more time to dedicate to practice. The online classes and courses allow us to squeeze in smaller periods of study and practice we would have otherwise missed. Practicing in our home, allows us to more easily translate the values of respect, dedication, persistence, reverence, patience, kindness into our daily lives.

Amy Sawyer

The dojo is a safe learning environment where each student is encouraged, empowered, and supported. While my children may not realize yet all the benefits that come from the discipline of karate, I truly feel that they are stronger, safer, and smarter since joining the dojo, and I look forward to supporting them through their karate journey.
I also enjoy the added benefit of getting them to
do whatever I ask by counting down from 5 seconds.
ASawyer Quote
ARich Quote

Alanna Rich

I loved our intro class today, thank you so much for developing what seems to be an incredible online dojo!

Renshi Lisa Magiera

We are embracing so many different ways to train at BKD. You can have an online membership, an in-person membership or a hybrid of your own creation. Students have been able to grow in their abilities throughout the past year. And for me, I have been so thankful to have Karate as the foundation of my mental and physical health!
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Doing the Work!

10-Day Take Action Checklist

Choose 2 classes to take in the next 10-days


  • Teen/Adult Karate: Mon & Thu 6-7 pm
  • Kids Karate: Tues & Thu 5-5:45 pm
  • All Ages Karate: Saturday Mornings 8-8:45 am
  • Karate Fitness: Mon, Wed & Fri 6-6:45 am
  • All Classes Listed are Eastern Time Zone


  • In the Dojo (Vaccinated): Tues 6-7 pm
  • Outside Kids Karate: Wed 5-5:45 pm
  • Outside Teen/Adult: Wed 6-7 pm
  • Outside All Levels: Sat 9 am

Decide Where to Create Your Own Home Dojo

  • Where is there enough space? 
    4-steps forward/back and 2-steps side/side
  • Can you remove distractions?
  • Which device will you use for camera and display?

Click "Let's Get Started" and pay $10

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BKD Schedule for Fall

Eastern Time Zone

Have questions? Reach out!

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Call: 207-627-7170

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Text: 207-240-7163

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